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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

People String Network

Here at PeopleString you basically get to do what you already do, Twitter, Facebook, and Gaming.
You get paid to play games on Facebook, get a wheel spin for people points. People points are points that can be converted into real money. For every 100PP you get one real dollar. You can network with other friends, make new ones and have fun to get paid!!

Step One:

Step Two:

Fill out your information.

Step Three:

Play games. Do surveys. Make money.

Another unique thing about this site is that they give you an option to receive "junk mail" for money too. You can choose to have them sent to your inbox or home mailbox. You can also choose how much mail you are willing to receive and that will also determine your income.

Good luck!!

ClixSense Brings In Money

Ok, so I know its been awhile since I've updated this BUT!! I have another easy at home while you are on the computer thing for you to do.

1. Its Free!
2. It can work!
3. It takes as little as 30 seconds!!

So basically what you do is go to ClixSense and sign up. You can then choose to use the free membership (which I am using) or the Premium and you are set. Now all you have to do is go to Browse Ads$$ and click each individual link and leave your window open for 30 seconds. Thats it! Close the window and move on to the next.

There is also a Clix Grid bar on the side where you have a chance to win between $1-$5 instantly!

Simple right?


The Premium Account is only $10 and if you'd like the money you make from your ads can be used towards your Premium Account if you so choose to do so, so it ends up being free anyway!