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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Here's a couple of rules that I'm sure some of you didn't read. We have a really bad habit of just accepting Terms and Conditions with out actually reading them. In most cases for sites nothing big really happens, but with Google AdSense you can lose your account.

Invalid Clicks:

DO NOT CLICK YOUR OWN LINKS. This will get your account terminated. Advertisers pay per click, so if you are sitting there clicking your own ads the advertisers are paying Google for every click which is invalid because you yourself were clicking it. Google can track IP addresses and view reports etc. so make sure you are following the rules.

Asking for Clicks:

I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who "help each other out" by clicking ads on others pages, but like I said, Google tracks where clicks are coming from and if a particular IP address keeps popping up this will look suspicious. So basically on your site don't post anything saying, "Click here!" you can't offer intensives or anything like that...its against the rules.

Bad Content:

Remember, no nudity, drugs, violence, anything of a "rated R" over 18 type nature.

Spreading The Word:

You can't send out mass e-mails.

Don't Fool People:

You cannot trick people on your page. Don't use adware, spyware, pop-ups etc. Everything has to be straight forward. I mean feel free to test your limits, but just remember you run the risk of getting terminated.


When you start setting up your AdSense Channels and Feeds and Content and all the good stuff that's going to help you make money, you cannot legally mislead people to your site. Example, you cannot have key words of "phones, jobs, google" and your site talks only about puppies.

All of this stuff is found in the Google Adsense Help Forums. This was just a mini run through for those of you that may have never gone and looked.

earn more money

Like I mentioned before, there are other ways to make money online.


From what I've learned in life {ha ha I'm only 22} but, from what I have learned, if something seems too god to be true and it will make you crazy promises and they make you pay, purchase, or try something...RUN. Don't look back just go. Here is where I first started my AdSense money making:


Its simple, can be fun, and you make money!

Just register.

Ask a question. Have some one answer. You pick the best answer.


You answer questions. The better your answer, the better chance you have of getting awarded "best answer".

When you get awarded "best answer" you claim royalties on that Q & A.

Just a Few Things:

1. You must at least answer 10 questions before they let you link your AdSense account.


2. You must get awarded 2 "best answers".

3. Remember to treat your asked questions as you want others to treat your answers.

4. Have Fun, Make Monaaaay.

banner advertising

Still want to make more money? Or maybe blogging isn't your thing. Here is something simple you do nothing but sign up and surf the web.

At AGLOCO you get paid to surf the web.

Honestly I wouldn't recommend this purely because you have to down load content on to your browser.

I thought I would share though.

Browse at your own risk!

Don't Give Up, You've Only Started

The weak customer chooses the understandable rack.

Take that into consideration.

Writing Articles : Get Paid

I've said it before, maybe blogging isn't really your thing. Blogging can be done in several ways.

  • You can either find a topic and make that the center of your whole blog, such as this one. It is strictly for helping people find ways to make money online.
  • You can blog about anything, life, love, randomness, for fun, or whatever your heart desires.
Say you don't want to maintain a blog or share your life stories, rants, and raves. So this is where article writing comes in.


HubPages is a website for people to publish their work on information while at the same time gaining revenue from Google AdSense, EBay, Kontera, and Amazon.

Here is where you can sign up, and yes, it is free:

If you would like an Amazon account feel free to sign up as well, its free too! Amazon signup

You can set up your Kontera Account here :

And finally if you choose to here is where you can set up your Ebay account to go along with your HubPages account: EBay Partner Network

Remember, all of these sites are free to sign up at, all it takes is a little bit of your time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Answer Questions: Get Money

Work has been a little hectic lately so I will leave you with something very simple and fun to do. This site is called PickJack. You answer questions in hopes of getting 20 right. For every 20 you get right, you get to create your own question. The more question and answers you can post the better chance of getting money you have.

Feel free to sign up here:

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Whether you want to increase traffic to your website, blog, or maybe you just want to get some money coming in from Google AdSense with out really having to do any work then this next free website I am about to share with you, will help you with just that.

She Told this is a Social Bookmarking website

It seems like a funny name for a website, but it is actually pretty convenient. All you have to do is sign up : Sign Up Here : and start bringing in money. There are two ways you can use this site.

1. You can either promote your own website or blog by uploading its link, title, and a description of what you are promoting.
2. You can upload content that you find on the internet that you like, find interesting, etc.

The good thing about is that they give you 100% AdSense Sharing!
Every click, refferal, and link associated with your AdSense account goes to you 100%!

So my only helpful hint I have to give you is this:


The more you get your blog out there, the more traffic and clicks and money you will see coming your way.

Make Easy Money

From what I've heard, a lot of people give up after a few weeks of blogging and attempting to promote their blog and or website. So lets think about it like this.

Do you?

  • Spend most of your time online.
  • Use social networking sites such as Myspace, FaceBook and or Twitter.
  • Like to blog or write.
  • Like stating your opinion or view on items and or subjects.
  • Want to make money basically effortlessly.

If you answered "yes" to all or most of those, then whats the big deal? Its better to try and make some money while you are doing all this rather than just doing it anyway and not getting any money. Right? Yes.

You may sign up for every money making thing you possibly can, or you can just stick to one thing and keep going from there. The choice is yours and its all free. So with that being said, here is another way, like Google AdSense, where you can make money off your website impressions and clicks...just by adding a few ads to your site. So simple.

This would be Chitika. Feel free to sign up here:

Chitika is a online advertising service, here to help you bring in money! Everyone likes money, and easy money is even better.

Google AdSense : Its Everywhere!

Here is another handly little site that you can post to to get your money flowing in.


Free sign up right here : Xomba Sign Up

Its free! Its a bit like HubPages, but different at the same time. With Xomba you can either post Xombytes, which are articles of topics of your choice, or you can post Xomblurbs. Xomblurbs are little snippits of information you can use to promote your content with out having to write a whole lot. You do however have to at least have 50 words to your posting. This is kind of like from the previous blog where you can go and promote your own content.

Back to the main point of this post. Google AdSense, hopefully by now you will have your account ready to go, unless for some reason Google did not approve your account, otherwise, just take your publishing number and add it to your profile.

Just a hint: the more you write about yourself, add a picture, etc. the more likely it is that people will come and visit your page. People like to put a face with a name and writing content. Unless your into being all mysterious and secretive, well then, thats another thing.