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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Here's a couple of rules that I'm sure some of you didn't read. We have a really bad habit of just accepting Terms and Conditions with out actually reading them. In most cases for sites nothing big really happens, but with Google AdSense you can lose your account.

Invalid Clicks:

DO NOT CLICK YOUR OWN LINKS. This will get your account terminated. Advertisers pay per click, so if you are sitting there clicking your own ads the advertisers are paying Google for every click which is invalid because you yourself were clicking it. Google can track IP addresses and view reports etc. so make sure you are following the rules.

Asking for Clicks:

I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who "help each other out" by clicking ads on others pages, but like I said, Google tracks where clicks are coming from and if a particular IP address keeps popping up this will look suspicious. So basically on your site don't post anything saying, "Click here!" you can't offer intensives or anything like that...its against the rules.

Bad Content:

Remember, no nudity, drugs, violence, anything of a "rated R" over 18 type nature.

Spreading The Word:

You can't send out mass e-mails.

Don't Fool People:

You cannot trick people on your page. Don't use adware, spyware, pop-ups etc. Everything has to be straight forward. I mean feel free to test your limits, but just remember you run the risk of getting terminated.


When you start setting up your AdSense Channels and Feeds and Content and all the good stuff that's going to help you make money, you cannot legally mislead people to your site. Example, you cannot have key words of "phones, jobs, google" and your site talks only about puppies.

All of this stuff is found in the Google Adsense Help Forums. This was just a mini run through for those of you that may have never gone and looked.

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