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Thursday, October 8, 2009

earn more money

Like I mentioned before, there are other ways to make money online.


From what I've learned in life {ha ha I'm only 22} but, from what I have learned, if something seems too god to be true and it will make you crazy promises and they make you pay, purchase, or try something...RUN. Don't look back just go. Here is where I first started my AdSense money making:


Its simple, can be fun, and you make money!

Just register.

Ask a question. Have some one answer. You pick the best answer.


You answer questions. The better your answer, the better chance you have of getting awarded "best answer".

When you get awarded "best answer" you claim royalties on that Q & A.

Just a Few Things:

1. You must at least answer 10 questions before they let you link your AdSense account.


2. You must get awarded 2 "best answers".

3. Remember to treat your asked questions as you want others to treat your answers.

4. Have Fun, Make Monaaaay.

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