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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Google AdSense : Its Everywhere!

Here is another handly little site that you can post to to get your money flowing in.


Free sign up right here : Xomba Sign Up

Its free! Its a bit like HubPages, but different at the same time. With Xomba you can either post Xombytes, which are articles of topics of your choice, or you can post Xomblurbs. Xomblurbs are little snippits of information you can use to promote your content with out having to write a whole lot. You do however have to at least have 50 words to your posting. This is kind of like from the previous blog where you can go and promote your own content.

Back to the main point of this post. Google AdSense, hopefully by now you will have your account ready to go, unless for some reason Google did not approve your account, otherwise, just take your publishing number and add it to your profile.

Just a hint: the more you write about yourself, add a picture, etc. the more likely it is that people will come and visit your page. People like to put a face with a name and writing content. Unless your into being all mysterious and secretive, well then, thats another thing.

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