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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How To Make Money : Make Money Blogging

Everyone is always wondering what the next "get rich quick" thing is going to be. The bottom line of it all is that all most ever "get rich quick" scheme is just that, a scheme. I myself for one have lost out on a lot of money for these make thousands of dollars a month, work from home, financial freedom. You get the picture. So I am here to help. I am not an expert, a guru, just a normal person like yourself, (well if your normal lol jk!) trying to make some extra money while I do what I normally do:

  • Blog
  • Write
  • Upload Pictures
  • Rant
  • Review Stuff
  • Socialize
These first couple of steps are simple. After that it doesn't really get any harder, it just takes time.

I will try my best to keep everything straight. Forgive me if I go off on a tangent, just say something.

OK, first off you are going to need a site, blog, or page. I personally did not start my "AdSense career" with Blogger. But, since you are still reading this it is probably because you are just getting started so I am going to go ahead and get you started with Blogger. So go a head and sign up here: Blogger

Before you do here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Google wants your sites to be unique and informative.
  • Pick a topic for your blog or trend, your personal everyday life may not bring in the type of money you are looking for.
  • Make sure what you blog is your own and not just random links.
  • Your blog cannot be about gambling, sex, drugs, etc. You know, all the rated R stuff.
OK after you have signed up for Blogger, you will need to open a Google AdSense account. Register here: Google AdSense

You will be asked to enter your website information, so put in your unique blogger URL. Make sure you click that you will not post adult content or ads, if you agree to this and do not comply, Google will find out and terminate your account. The rest of the registration is pretty much self explanatory. And just a FYI, your AdSense account will not be up and ready to use right away, Google will have to approve your site first. Also, you do not have to use blogger, if there is another blog site that you have or page or own domain name feel free to use that. Just make sure it is a site that you can edit the HTML, otherwise you will be denied.

Now you can tweak your blog to your liking and wait to be approved!

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