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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Review Stream

I don’t know about you, but I am one of the people who stay up late at night and end up catching all the infomercials, and just about every item I see I want to buy it. Some of the stuff seems too good to be true, and some of the time it is. What can I say? People are out there to market us items that have no use whatsoever or do not actually do what they are supposedly meant to do. So more often than not, if I see something I like I get online right away and look up costumer reviews. Their woes, my cushion from being just like them.

If you are one of the people who like to try out new things or buy things online, from TV, or home networking channels, then this might be a perfect fit for you. Review Stream is just what it seems like. It is a website based on customer reviews about people, places, things, etc.

I didn’t just post this website to post it, of course you can make money off of this too! This website does its pay outs by PayPal and does not require signing up. You just enter your penname that you would like to be posted under (verification that it is available is there) and you enter your email (the same one linked to your PayPal) and submit your review.

It does take a few days (up to 72 hrs) for your review to be looked at and decided on whether or not it would be of use to the community. Right now they are paying $2.00 per review and $.10 for every member review that finds it useful.

Helpful Hint, Right now they are looking for reviews on:
Travel and related

Good luck! It pays to have an opinion huh?

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