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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Got Knowledge?

Join Bukisa!

Bukisa is another article type publishing site where you can earn money and royalties for your post. They put it in a very simple sense.

1. Share Your Knowledge.
2. Invite Friends and Family.
3. Earn Money!

The thing about Bukisa is that you will get paid for every unique 1000 visits. So if your Grandma Hellen keeps going back to that one post you wrote, she will only be counted as 1. Yes, even if she herself visits 1000 times. There is a Bukisa Index that will show you how much you will get paid every time that lucky (for you that is) 1000th person comes to your page.

With Bukisa you are not just bound to submitting articles. You may also submit your pictures, videos, slides and audio.

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